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November 30, 2018

teething necklace for mom

Teething is an inevitable stage in a baby’s development. And being a loving mother, you are tasked to make sure everything that goes into your baby’s mouth is baby safe and eco-friendly. The good news is that there’s a wide range of teething products including teething necklaces, perfect for the modern woman, elegant and at the same time chewable - pun intended!

Experienced mothers know that teething is a nightmare - aside from the gnawing and munching on everything that the baby can get his/her hands on, there’s the liters of saliva that come out without warning. This is a time to gear up and get ready for the teething battle with all the love and care for both you and your baby.

Teething is an important milestone for a baby. It is drool-filled and sometimes crazy but that should not stop you and your baby from looking good, calm and collected as much as possible. You can help your bundle of joy through this phase safely, with fashionable and stylish teething necklaces that can actually be matched with your favorite outfits. And if you aren’t convinced yet with these teething beauties, here are several features you should consider:

• Up-to-date style and modern wear that serves both as yours and your baby’s. It is the hip and trendsetting option to more traditional teething toys.

• Since these are made with naturally bright colors and various textures, they easily catch the attention of your baby to keep him/her still while nursing.

• Safety is a main concern for most of these items. They have knotted beads to be extra-secure and in order to prevent any choking or swallowing. Safety clasps easily breakaway so if the baby pulls to tight, it won’t cause any harm to you or your bundle of joy. Cords are strong and don’t break and more importantly will not tangle or pull the hair.

• They are specifically designed with mother and baby in mind to lessen drooling or fussiness. Your bundle of joy can joyfully chew and bite safely leaving you with no worries of health risks. They are elegant and trendy and can be matched with different outfits.

• Innovative way to stop teething pain and keep the baby safe from munching or chewing other items that can be harmful to him/her.

Trendy and very functional for both mommy and baby, teething necklaces are the answer to a modern woman’s dilemma in keep her baby soothed and comfortable during this phase while maintaining style and elegance.

Other Natural Teething Products to Consider:
Good partners to teething necklaces are natural teething bracelets and super cute drool bandanna bibs. There are great products here to help dotting mommies keep calm, cool and trendy while supporting their babies through the teething phase. These products soothe and help keep your baby comfortable while you remain in style - in a cute baby way.

Teething Bracelets
Whether you prefer to dress them up or down, You will want to wear these mommy chic and baby safe teething bracelets through all stages of teething and beyond! Easily slips on and off the wrist, making it the perfect accessory for moms with teething babies to grab on to. keeping your baby less irritable, and you - calm.

Cool and Cute Drool Bandanna Bibs
A great way to show off a teething baby is with cool drool bandanna bibs that securely keep the saliva where it belongs. Instead of always being on guard with a towel, let the drool drop to the bib without worries of making the baby all wet. They come in stylish colors and designs, keeping the baby in mind.

Tips on Soothing Irritable Gums Naturally:
A cranky baby does not make a happy mommy. Soreness and irritable gums will definitely cause stress for both mommy and baby. Here are some soothing tips to help your baby through this stage while waiting for those white beauties to come out:

• Cold can be soothing on those gums, try using an icy cold baby cloth for your little one to munch on.

• Rub gums with a clean finger. The counter pressure from the finger will soothe the irritable gums.

• Babies older than six months can be given cold water or chilled treats such as frozen fruits – for example, bananas, mashed, of course!

• And if all these do not work, give your baby a dose of pediatrician prescribed pain reliever.

Teething is a challenging stage but it’s all worth it when those white beauties start to pop out. Your baby overcoming a developmental milestone is a nifty prize thanks to the help of products such as teething necklaces and other teething accessories that give comfort to both mother and child.

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