The Perfect Gift for Newborns!

The Perfect Gift for Newborns!

January 05, 2021


Buying a baby gift seems to be one of those things we all will do at some point or another. After all, you can probably buy anything even if your child doesn't know or remember what you purchased but their parents will! Whether it's a baby shower or just "welcome" gifts for newborns, when a baby is born, you'll need the perfect baby gift.

Swaddle Wraps

The most useful choice for gifts which parents will cherish too is definitely a swaddle wrap. Swaddle blankets are precious to new moms as they help to calm, comfort and help the baby to stay asleep. Better sleep for baby, better sleep for you!

 The Jam Naturals Cute Bear Organic Swaddle Wrap is made of certified organic cotton and incredibly soft Sherpa made of recycled polyester, making our baby swaddle blanket soft and warm, yet lightweight. The high-quality organic cotton is breathable and very gentle on your baby's delicate skin. The hooded baby swaddle blanket has an adjustable Velcro fastener that allows you to quickly secure your baby by putting their arms in or out, providing your baby a secure environment while snuggling up. Available in newborn size 0 to 3 month or 3 to 6 month and multiple ear colors like grey, white, and pink perfect for baby boy, girl, newborn, or unisex gifts.

What is a swaddling blanket?

If you are new to the concept of swaddling, it is very simple. This is a way to wrap a blanket tightly around your baby to prevent it from crumbling.

Swaddling blankets are great for several reasons:

  • Bring the baby's arms close to the body and prevent from waking up.
  • Baby will feel comfortable and calm with a tight wrapping like a womb.
  • Keep baby warm while sleeping without a loose blanket at risk of choking.

Why Jam Naturals Cute Bear Swaddle Wrap is the best blanket for your newborn baby?


Our newborn swaddle blankets are made with quality plush sustainable fabrics- Designed in the USA and made with certified organic cotton and plush Sherpa made from recycled polyester which is breathable and very gentle on Baby’s delicate skin.

 Easy to use

Unlike traditional swaddles that can be difficult to wrap an unhappy baby in, our Cute Bear Swaddle Wrap is easy to use. Simply swaddle your baby in three easy steps:

  1. Place your newborn in the swaddle.
  2. Place the left wing over to the right and fasten.
  3. Place the right wing over to the left and fasten.

Many uses

Our Cute Bear Swaddle Wrap has so many uses making it a must have essential for any new baby.

  • Give your baby a sense of security as you snuggle up
  • Use as a stroller blanket and keep baby warm while outside
  • Newborn baby sleep sack
  • Use as a crib blanket. Swaddle newborn with arms in to keep baby from startling and for a more restful sleep. Swaddle with arms out when baby is ready to move more freely
  • Newborn receiving blanket
  • Newborn photography prop
  • Unique baby shower or baby registry gift


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