About Us


I'm  Mandie, Founder and President of Jam Naturals. When my first daughter entered the teething and grabbing stage, I quickly realized the jewelry I wore was her favorite thing to pull on and put in her mouth. After a few too many popped necklaces and the danger of her getting a hold of a small bead, I decided not to wear jewelry until we passed these stages. It wasn't until I had my third daughter that I came up with the idea of creating jewelry that not only looks great to wear but babies love to play with and is 100% safe to chew on!

All of our products are sustainably made and environmentally friendly, so you don't have to worry about your baby chewing on any plastics or chemicals or leaving a trace of non-biodegradable products for our future generations. 

I hope that you enjoy this special time in life as I have with my three daughters!