Jam Naturals Guest Blogger: Keeping it Kendal- Product Review

Jam Naturals Guest Blogger: Keeping it Kendal- Product Review

November 15, 2017



Autumn Kendal - located in Maine, is a first time mom who blogs at: keepingitkendal about  "navigating this wild ride of motherhood!" All while juggling work and being a full-time graduate student. Connect with her on Instagram!


I was given the pleasure of being able to review a beautiful set of Jam Naturals Teething Necklace and Bracelet! Jam Naturals are made of natural (made of chemical free wood and  organic cotton) teething jewelry. They are not only beautiful, but also practical! Elliot is right in the middle of his teething, and anything and everything he can grab goes right into his mouth! So, teething jewelry is a must when I am holding him, and especially while baby wearing!

Right when the products came I thought they were perfect, as they were packaged in gift wrap, which is always a bonus, especially if you are gifting the item!  I chose the ‘Grasshopper’ color, as I love green, though, it was SO hard to choose, all the options are beautiful! The necklace is light weight, so easy to wear, there is a breakaway safety clasp, which is good because little hands like to tug! The bracelet is great because Elliot can hold it to chew and play with. It is a good size for him, but also great that I can wear it when he isn’t using it so it doesn’t get thrown on the ground!

All on top of that, it looks like normal jewelry that can be worn even when baby isn’t around! I love when I can have double-duty items, that are not only practical for baby, but also stylish for mom! Purchase your own from Jam Naturals-LLC!


Until next time,

Autumn, xo

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